Our Research Strategy

Research is the key, and funding makes it possible.

The  Childhood Cancer Project's research is  focused solely on finding a cure for childhood cancers.  Our aim is to fund  research projects and to continue to expand our vast research network. 

Our scientific board of directors is made up of brilliant doctors and researchers who have great insight and understanding of genetics and oncology. Our advisors are highly intelligent; well-informed and discerning. 

We recognize that our ability to fund research is limited by our physical and financial resources. Therefore, we aim to maximize the impact of our grants by encouraging research that is likely to win support from larger funding bodies. We believe there is great value in collaborative research and know that finding cures depends on the cooperation and collaboration of many experts.  

The Childhood Cancer Project is dedicated to monitoring and communicating the advancement and impact of our research funding to our supporters. We hope that this will improve our benefactors understanding of childhood cancer research and the difference their charitable donations are making.


  • Working with research teams to develop research ideas 
  • Supporting proposals which are likely to win support from larger funding bodies
  • Encouraging collaboration between research groups
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary team work and partnership


Looking to the Future


Our ultimate ambition is to find cures for this cruel disease


  • We will support research ideas at all levels, from an initial idea through to clinical trial phases
  • We will deliver the next generation of world class, childhood cancer researchers


  • CLINICAL / TRANSLATIONAL grants that are aimed at research that is at the required point of development to be progressed from laboratory to patient
  • EARLY CAREERS FELLOWSHIP grants to develop  researchers into a principle investigator
  • EXPLORER grants that allow researchers to undertake a more substantial project or theme of research
  • IDEA grants to support pilot research

Collaborative Research

For more than 125 years, experts at MSK have been leading the way in cancer research.


Translating research breakthroughs into more effective treatments for pediatric cancers.


Sharing discoveries with other scientists, students, professionals, and the community.