Who we are


Childhood Cancer Project Offers Hope:

We are dedicated to fighting childhood cancer and our goal is to make a difference through research. Your tax-deductible gift to The Childhood Cancer Project allows us to fund gifted scientists so they can develop groundbreaking treatments and cures. Together, with your help, we provide patients and families with hope.


We aim for a future without childhood cancer. Our goal is to advance the current understanding of cancer biology and explore new ways to cure, control, and prevent disease.

Promote current ideas:

Our mission is to fund cancer research in order to save lives and improve outcomes for children affected by childhood cancer by being:

  • the catalyst for pioneering research
  • the trusted source of information
  • the voice of the childhood cancer community
  • a supportive network

Our Values

  • Pioneering  we lead the way, leave no stone unturned and are prepared to take risks.
  • Dynamic  we innovate, we are a force that stimulates change and progress. 
  • Supportive  we listen, we understand, we care.
  • Knowledgeable our scientific board of directors is made up of brilliant doctors and researchers who have great insight and understanding of genetics and oncology. Our advisors are highly intelligent; well-informed and discerning.
  • Trustworthy we are objective, responsible, honest and efficient. We act as stewards of public trust.

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